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A knowledge hub for home dialysis quality improvement projects.

Welcome to the DAYLife knowledge hub, an interactive knowledge and resource platform to support health care professionals with home dialysis QI projects. This is a platform for you to share your challenges, to learn best practices, and to contribute to quality improvement with a network of renal professionals.

It is a place to connect with, learn from, and support each other.


Learn more about the DAYLife programme and access quality improvement resources to help you increase home dialysis adoption and quality. We have a repository of resources developed as part of the DAYLife project, published evidence from QI initiatives, and links to additional resources to help guide your practice.


Update the community on your quality improvement projects related to home dialysis to contribute to best practices and inform future projects. What are you doing? How's it going? What lessons can we learn from your experiences?

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The DAYLife programme is centred on four workstreams, each of which has a dedicated hub with relevant resources and a community space. 

Shared Haemodialysis Care

This working group provides resources to support the 'shared care' approach in haemodialysis, where patients gradually develop skills alongside health professionals, allowing for for self-paced decision-making.

Psychosocial Support

Distress is a natural response to kidney failure and related treatment choices. This workstream provides resources for embedding proactive holistic support systems that address the emotional and social dimensions of home dialysis.

Shared Decision Making

Access this workstream for guidance on fostering a participatory environment where patients' values and preferences are central to selecting appropriate CKD treatments.

Peer Support

Peer support from other patients and carers is crucial in informing, choosing, and maintaining home dialysis.  Access this workstream for resources to develop peer-to-peer networks that enhance patient confidence and treatment engagement in home dialysis.

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DAYLife Programme Resources

Reports, webinars, slides, links to patient resources, FAQs and more.

Four Workstreams

Targeted resources related to shared haemodialysis care, psychosocial support, shared decision making, and peer support.


A place to share experiences, ask questions, and network with other professionals and patients  interested in driving quality improvement in home dialysis.

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More resources are in the works!

Home dialysis QI reporting

Are you involved in a QI project on home dialysis? We're creating a reporting system for home dialysis QI projects. Soon, you'll be able to share your project details to inform others and strengthen the knowledge network.

QI report repository

We are creating a database of QI projects on home dialysis in the UK. You can connect with others working on similar projects and gain insights to help with your own projects.

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The DAYLife Team

DAYLife is a partnership between three organisations: KQIP, Kidney Care UK, and Fresenius Medical Care.
The DAYLife community hub is hosted and supported by the UK Kidney Association.
KQIP is a dynamic network of kidney health professionals, patients and carers who are committed to developing, supporting and sharing improvement in kidney services, to enhance outcomes and quality of life for people with kidney disease.


  • Udaya Udayaraj
  • Georgina Hamill
  • Kay Elson
Kidney Care UK
Kidney Care UK is the UK's leading kidney patient support charity, which provides practical, emotional and financial support to kidney patients and their families and funds patient-centred projects to help improve kidney care services throughout the UK. 

The Kidney Care UK Team:

  • Paul Bristow
  • Claire Kercher

Fresenius Medical Care is the world's leading provider of products and services for individuals with renal diseases, of which around 4.2 million patients worldwide regularly undergo dialysis treatment.